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The Vicksburg Foundation for Historic Preservation's mission has always been compelling and clear: to identify, preserve, protect and interpret the unique historic heritage of the City of Vicksburg and its environs. 

A historical marker on Crawford Street

Preservation promotes the rehabilitation of substandard and neglected properties thereby enhancing the beauty of our community as well as its economic life.

The rehabilitation of a single structure often tends to start a chain reaction throughout a neighborhood.  This activity increases property values as well as community pride and spirit.  

Therefore, preservation is a significant factor in the economic stability of neighborhoods, business districts, and rural areas. Preservation promotes the rehabilitation of historic buildings, which provides jobs, stimulates business activity, revitalizes down areas and puts buildings back on the tax roles.

The Cobb House on Crawford Street

Preservation is also the basis for Vicksburg's tourism industry.  Without preservation of the Civil War Battlefield, historic homes, museums, and rehabilitated business district, Vicksburg would not entice one million people to our community ever year to spend $28 million dollars.   Preservation also attracts motion picture and television producers.

Preservation is also a form of conservation.  A building represents a wide array of natural resources, from bricks and mortar to the energy expended in making and transporting the materials, to the human resources necessary to pull it all together.  By rehabilitating a building building, its useful life is extended and our country's natural resources are conserved.

Preservation educates young people about the importance of learning from the past.  In addition, preservation education teaches a value system based on environmental maintenance rather than environmental disposal.

Preserving our past and economic future
Preservation acts as a sensitive mediator of the forces of change.  In a life that is daily more mechanized and stereotyped, the variety and beauty of historic architecture creates a sense of place and a feeling of belong that is often lost in the fast pace of life.  It is not just the protection of individual buildings, it is the conservation of streetscapes: fences, landscaping, street furniture, all elements that create neighborhoods. 

Vicksburg has a long, fascinating, and colorful heritage which is kept alive through the preservation of the tangible elements of it history - the built environment.


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